Living History

Why Living History?
We became living historians as a way for our children to learn about American history in the most 'hands on' way available to us.  It began with a real interest in all things old... people, things, stories... and has grown into a full-fledged family hobby of learning and adventure.  We have all learned very much, and know that with the continuation of this hobby the learning will not stop! 

Many times we have been overwhelmed and overworked preparing for events to attend.  We are learning, or trying to, balance this potentially life distracting hobby so that we can 'use it' instead of 'it using us'... and remember why we began the hobby in the first place!  (Isn't that the way we approach our curriculum choices?)  This is a very fulfilling hobby, in that while we ourselves are learning we are also educating the interested public. 

Our children are learning public speaking in a very real, face to face way.  Sometimes we have an audience of one interested spectator, other times we are speaking to an entire group of 8th graders from local public schools, or giving a tour to a varied aged group of people. 

We are also learning crafts and skills from our American heritage, such as sewing, knitting, blacksmithing, woodworking.. just to name our favorites! 

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