Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Tabacco Farm Life Museum 1925 Living History
Hope, Amelia and Karter, with Amanda in the background. Amelia made her dress from a 1925 pattern book, and we found the sweater that resembled period prints at the goodwill. Hope is wearing Amelia's old 1941 dress, we didn't have time to make a new one... however it resembled closely some photographs from the 20's... girls in out grown dresses. Karter is wearing a vintage romper that resembles the period 'look'.. and a very cute expression!

Clothing the boys was easy.... just find overalls! Their Civil War hats were still in fashion in 1925... Working men's fashion changed oh so slowly through the years!

This is an after the event photo session... notice Kaylee and Amanda visiting us? and Alex being so silly! The real school sessions went wonderfully, the children all played their parts well and hopefully enjoyed themselves. We were able to pray, read scripture, and read from McGuffy readers... all of which are not acceptable in today's public school rooms. A little spectator boy enjoyed school so much that when he left the museum he said "bye! see you next saturday for school!" What a compliment.

Beautiful, posing Kaylee Bug. She is dressed in a modern dress altered to period fashion. She is a natural at living history... she had spectators by the hand guiding them to go with her and do this or that... she knew she was playing a part and behaved beautifully all day. And Karter won a lot of hearts with his smile. It is such a joy to have Jessica and the children with us! Mark was with us as well, but sadly none of our friends caught a photo of him. Our camera is 'sick' so all of these photos are gifts from friends.


Hope said...

Thats my picture that I took. i need to be credited! My lawyer is gonna hear about this. I'll see you in court!! loljk

Hope said...

Sorry I didn't see the end! Anywhoo Thanks for using my pics. they are pretty good aren't they? I love the one of Kaylee. the light was just right. Did I send you the one of Alex and WEsley and Daniel? That one is funny. Where there eyes and ears mouths are covered.