Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bentonville Living History

We had our very first opportunity to take part in a living history event at Bentonville Battlefield Historic Site. We met and made many new friends and aquaintances, and shared new and fun experiences.
Mrs. Beasley, and her son James, was there from Heelside Farms with her Border Lester sheep wool and her spinning wheel giving demonstrations, as well as a friend of hers giving wool dyeing demonstrations. Amelia and I had planned to purchase some wool from her, so she let us purchase 'white' wool for a cheaper price and our wool was dyed on site as the demonstration! Amelia was able to watch this whole process and choose her colors. I chose gray to make a 'bosom buddy' with and she chose a beautiful blue and green for 'muffatees'.
 Amelia made her first Civil War work dress... all by hand... for this event. She did a great job and she was very happy with her work. Here she walks with Lora and Hayden to the kitchen to begin cooking lunch... Amelia and Lora camped on site to be close to the kitchen and the kitchen duties. Amelia was able to meet the people from 'Ghost Hunters' when they came to the site with their equipment looking for 'activity'... she said it was quite funny.
I picked up Hayden and brought her to the site Sunday for her debut living history event! Here Hayden is trying out her 'sugar tit' (Civil War pacifier, sugar wrapped in a clean cloth) that Amelia made for her....
On Saturday, Alex visited with his Cousin Elijah who had come for a visit, they enjoyed watching the artillery demonstrations and running around playing. Sunday Alex came to participate and helped entertain Hayden...
Daniel had a very wonderful opportunity given to him... he was allowed to apprentice with a blacksmith for both days! I asked the blacksmith if Daniel did well and learned anything and I was told 'Well, he came to me knowing quite a bit!'... that is a testimony to Daniel learning independently because I have never given him a lesson in blacksmithing! Daniel was invited to join at other events and he is so excited, he says that he loves blacksmithing!
Next year is the BIG battle event at Bentonville that only takes place every five years, we are already hoping to attend. Hopefully we will be more skilled and have more demonstrations to share with the spectators. A year of learning to prepare us.....

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