Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's Eve

The Littles and I spent most of New Year Eve at Maggie's home for games and fellowship. Mark was at a hockey game with Bradley and his best friend. Maggie's older sisters were visiting from South Carolina and they were so nice to play games with the Littles. Daniel had been wanting to play Monopoly throughout the holiday season and Shelby said she would be glad to play. Alex said he wanted to play 'adult' Monopoly, but we said he would have to be on some one's team... and Shelby persuaded him to play with her! When Daniel lost all of his money the rest of us called a draw!
Meanwhile, the A list (Amanda and Amelia) were playing Phase 10 on the floor by the Christmas tree while Maggie played with Sophie (Amanda's doggie) in her crate! Maggie is such an animal lover!

We had a fun and memorable New Year's Eve. We were home by midnight and shared communion together, and prayed together to bring in the New Year. The kids and I are very excited about our lives together. Alex didn't quite know what the 'New Year' was all about, but he enjoyed the party!
Euri had the opportunity to play hostess to her friends for a game day over the public school break. Her friends are fellow exchange students living in the area, all from South Korea! It was fun for her to speak Korean with them and to teach them some of the fun games we have taught her. This game, Spoons, is one of her favorites... here Bradley and his best friend John are sitting in for a round or two.....

*Photos: by Amelia and Hilda Rebecca*

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