Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Recital Rewind...

Here is a little looksy behind the scenes at our First Annual Thanksgiving Recital... the kids are in the middle of preforming a puppet play inspired by Rudyard Kipling's "Why the Sea is Salt"... Alex waits in the corner with his little toys for his part in the play.... holding up the 'turkey dinner' and making the 'swishing' sounds for the magic mill! What fun!

We begin school today.... after desk work we will read Dickens' "Chirp the Second" and hopefully be through with "Chirp the Third" by next Wednesday. Then we are going to read Dickens' Christmas Carol this month.... maybe I will plant an idea in the children's minds to put on a re-enactment... It would be a good excuse to hang the 'stage' curtain again and invite friends over to watch! (I know Christmas is over, but it was too busy to read it with Maggie during the break because she doesn't live with us anymore! And besides.... the weather feels more like winter today than it did any day in December!)

To Update on Suzy.... She is fine now! We caught her several times drinking the water from the Christmas tree stand... the other cats are too old and dignified now to do such a kittenish thing! Thank-You for all who wished her well! Now she is driving us crazy again with her crazy kitten antics.... and we love it!

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