Saturday, January 5, 2008

Civil War Club Play Date

The boys were privileged to have a Civil War play date with a new homeschooling friend, Dillon. His Mom, Angie, wants to start a Civil War Club for the boys... meeting once a month to play and re-enact... eventually doing something more than play, like projects or cooking... great idea! Lora has offered her yard, so we may have campfires sometimes... yippee! Alex was able to get good wear from his new Union Kepi. Daniel felt a little out numbered in his gray.....Dillon is a very neat and interesting playmate. He has a good imagination and really 'gets in' to the play. Daniel and Alex are trying to be good friends to Dillon. Daniel played a game of chess with Dillon and Alex showed him his civil war Playmobil guys. Dillon has AS, so we are trying to learn about that and how we can be understanding as well as beneficial to him as friends. He always has a hug for each of us coming and going! Dillon is blessed with two adorable younger sisters. His oldest sister, Olivia (5) went outside to investigate the boys 'pup' tent.....Jessica was here and planning to trim my hair and graciously consented to trim Dillon's little sisters bangs. Olivia was not shy at all and was a big girl and sat very still for her trim.... (Alex had to be held by me because he wiggles and giggles with the buzzer!).....When Samantha, the youngest sister (2) had her turn, she had to have a hold of Mommy's hands the entire time... so cute! Before it was time for them to go home Samantha had become more comfortable with all of us and climbed up for another hair cut from Jessica! No more shyness... Just cute all over!
One funny... Olivia's middle name is Kaylee and Samantha's middle name is Grace, that of course is our Kaylee's middle name! What a coincidence! AND Samantha's birthday is the same as Alex. We had a wonderful time with their visit. Angie, brought me a little gift that she couldn't use in her home anymore.... this beautiful wicker trunk.....

Thank-You Angie! And we are already looking forward to your next visit!

*I labeled this post as 'living history' because the Civil War Club quickly morphed into full fledged living history events!

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful wicker chest! Wow! what a nice gift!