Friday, November 30, 2007

Monday's Child

*Alex is looking at pictures, not reading :0)*


Anonymous said...

VERY GOOD ALEX! His "baby" voice is comepletely gone now. He doesn't sounds like the Alex I knew! I haven't looked at this blogsite in a while. It is so nice! I wish I could've seen the play too!

Katie said...

Exciting! :-)

You know, I just thought I would reply to the pumpkin string question you left on my blog. I don't remember that being an issue - my hubby used a potato masher and I think that did the trick well! (Sorry - didn't know where else to leave this comment!) :-)

Also - I really enjoy your blogs and I hope it's Ok, I put a link to one of them under my "Inspiring Sites" on my sidebar at my homemaking blog. I like to have it there so I can quickly get to all of your blogs!

Let me know if you prefer not!


Our Family of Five said...

I couldn't get this to play for some reason, I'll have to try again later. :) Love, Lynn

Our Family of Five said...

I finally got it to play.... he did a great job! He's getting so big!:) Love, Lynn