Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Preparing for our Recital...

The children put a lot of work in their very first Thanksgiving recital. So far, the family that has seen the recital, or portions of it, have been very entertained. Our hope is that through our work, God may be honored. The children made a picture of all that they are thankful for. The older children's were very in depth and thoughtful. Alex was thankful for 'Mommy, Daddy and Suzy! Each child entered a piece of artwork. Daniel drew the Mayflower. Maggie drew the 'first' Thanksgiving. Amelia drew Sacajawea and Alex drew Squanto. Amelia and Daniel played a piano selection. Amelia and Maggie sang a duet, "Be Thou My Vision". All of the children recited two selections of poetry. They put on two puppet plays and 'acted out' a few other poetry selections. The older children read biographies that they had written about famous American Indians... for Daniel's Squanto biography, Alex dressed up as Squanto! My bedroom was the dressing room, or prop room if you would rather. We borrowed a garment rack from Mrs. Lossie for the costumes... it was so heavy that is started leaning... but the children solved the problem by tying it to the fireplace! McGyver ingenuity! The Foyer was the stage and the living room the auditorium. For a curtain we used a very special blanket that my mother sewed together years and years ago (sometime in the 70's) of scraps of material from clothes she had sewn for the family... polyester! My husband mounted a pole and Amelia and I sewed curtain rings to the blanket. I thought it gave the recital a 'Little Rascal' feeling... Mark and Daniel built a puppet stage and I used some old curtains for it.... We are having our final performance this Friday for Granny and Popa.
I will do a follow up post of pictures only.... of the recital in progress.


Our Family of Five said...

hmmmmm.... that previous comment up there... what is that, spanish?? :)

Your pictures are GREAT... and this looks like it was soooooo much fun!! Tell Daniel I said it looks like he did a fantastic job on his mayflower sketch! Love, Lynn

Katie said...

Creativity at its best!!

We created a Pilgrim hat and an Indian headdress and vest out of paper... thanks for these wonderful ideas to do in upcoming years!

Thank you for these inspiring ideas!!


randi---i have to say said...

This is wonderful! You have a bunch of creative kids!