Sunday, December 2, 2007

And the Christmas Fun Begins....

As part of our History Club... Homeschoolers Unfolding History... we were able to be in our little town's Christmas Parade. We had the choice of wearing historical clothing, but.... we don't have any parade quality costumes! I asked Daniel if he wished to wear his pioneer play clothes, but he was a hesitant because we had never done a parade before and didn't know what to expect. Anyway, it was fun! Daniel was asked to carry the banner! Alex stayed back with the rest of the family to watch and help out with Kaylee. Next year we will have to get some candy to throw...After the family collected enough candy Bradley persuaded Alex to throw some back! Captured: the influence of older siblings on the younger!!!
That same afternoon we attended the Exchange Student Christmas party at a roller rink in the next town. Daniel was hunting with his Uncle Gary for the very first time (yeah! but the only thing they killed was time!) Ruben and Jessica joined us. We had a nice time talking to the other exchange students. Euri was all wobbles!

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Our Family of Five said...

Alex is so cute! Great pictures Hilda, I love the horse and cart, and of course the old cars.

Euri is funny! :)