Thursday, September 6, 2007

Reading Aloud!

Lately, because of the transition from 'summer' to 'school days' the children have been having a difficult time getting settled for the night. You know, up five times... my head hurts, I can't find my stuffed animal, what are we going to do tomorrow?, good-night, good-night, good-night, can I lay down with you?, for some reason I just can't go to sleep... Maybe it is because you are downstairs walking around instead of IN YOUR BED!
So... to help us have some down time together I have started reading Uncle Aurthur's Bedtime stories to them... it works like a charm when I have enough strength to climb the stairs and read it to them! Some nights I have skipped it and, boy do I wish I hadn't! They begin their routines and get ready for bed... I read them the story... then they have their personal prayer time... and drift off to never land!

These stories in the book are based on true stories of real kids. Each one has a 'moral' and they are easily discussed with the kids. The kids seem to enjoy it, even Amelia who is growing into the 'too big for little kid stories' stage... soon, she will be reading them aloud to the others!

We also have started a classic to read together. Louisa May Alcott's Under the Lilacs. We are on chapter six, and so far love the story. I have never read it so it is opening up to all of us at the same time. (Amelia likes the fact that I have never read it) We were going to start our next Narnia, but we are waiting for Maggie to catch up with us. She is listening to the Focus on the Family radio theatre version, which is very close to the original. Hopefully, later today, we will listen some while I quilt and they latchook. They are doing Keepers at Home and Contender of the Faith now and are working toward their latch hook badge.

Right now they are playing a multiplication dominoes game while I sneak in this little blog. I wanted them to have a fun start to academics today. Daniel and I enjoyed a cool, brisk walk through town this morning. Oh, how we wish the days would stay cool! When we returned from the walk, Pepper had gotten yet another bird. So we sent Pepper inside and took the little bird to Ms. Lossies bushes (the cats are not allowed over there, birds are safer!) The little bird almost immediately took flight. So she survived the attack and is hopefully a little wiser because of it! That was a happy adventure for the kids this morning.


Our Family of Five said...

The boys and I love Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. Mine are orange though. Maybe because mine are individual volumes? If you run out of those you may want to try some Burgess books. Drew and Chris REALLY like those! They ask me to read them all the time. Love, Lynn

Promise Christian Academy said...

We have several volumes, so I won't run out for a while! I have been giving them Burgess books for assigned reading. Daniel loves them, I am waiting for Maggie to read one, I am sure she will love them, too! Did you know that James Heriot wrote a book about dog stories only? There was one at second fling I plan on picking up next trip, I ran out of cash this time! :0) They wanted $7 for it, I may look online for cheaper. I only need book four now for my all things beautiful set...Have you read them yet? I read a little in one and was laughing so hard! After I finish Persuasion (hopefully by the pool in a few minutes!) I am starting one.
Love you

Lea said...

Louisa Mae Alcott is one of my very very favorite authors... I just read a new one recently ( to me ) about Thanksgiving... she is timeless...
...I love your blog Hilda... may I link you in my side bar?