Monday, September 3, 2007

Books, Books, and more Books

We have been recently blessed with several new books for our home and school, well that sounds silly... Our home and our school could be described as the color green (my favorite, by the way)...OK, this sounds even more silly, but hear me out. Our home is yellow, our school is blue... get it? They are all mixed together!
Anywhoo, because of a generous friend, local thrift stores and a trip to the closest homeschool bookstore an hour away... we are several good books richer! So, for the benefit of friends and family who might want to know what new books we have (what we read around here, anyway?!) and for Lynn, who usually came to dig through my books with me or I would drag them to her house so we could oh and ahh over them together, who can't come several states to look through them :0.....and for any one else who is just bored enough to read this.... HERE IS A LIST! Yes, I am a lister...

Spunkwater, Spunkwater? A Live of Mark Twain
Our Only May Amelia had to have this because of my only Amelia Mae! Story set in Pioneer America about 12 year old May Amelia, "the only girl EVER born in new settlement".... she is troubled by her family's insistence that she behaves like a young lady... SHE wants to be a tomboy! So opposite of my girl!
The Lord God made Them All by James Herriot I only have one more to get in the series now! These are GREAT books! I read a little today and was in a mixed battle of Laughter and Tears.
Billy Budd and other shorts by Herman Melville
Persuasion by Jane Austin
Little Visits With God
More Little Visits With God The are very sweet, we will put them in the Sunday basket and use them for the children's personal devotions... they go through book after book of devotions!
The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen If you have never read his books, DO!
By Right of Conquest by GA Henty whoo hooo! another in my collection... this makes 2!
Beric the Briton by GA Henty yeah! the grand total is 3!
Zachary the Governor's Pig Just a silly book, but old, it has pioneer, Kentuckians, and soldiers.. just had to get it for Daniel. When he was younger he said he wanted to grow up to be a Kentuckian like John Wayne... he still says he wants to live there!
The Mighty Acts of God from Doorposts... a book with play ideas for the kids, all biblical, they are very easily done with little or no parental physical help... just a little mental and verbal kind of plays!
Instructions in Righteousness from Doorposts... a topical, scripture reference book... for things that your or your child may need help or guidance in... such as laziness, anger, foolish word, selfishness, defiance.....
Writing for 100 Days we purchased three, a student guided writing help.. we will use these a bit later...
Learn to Write the Novel Way We will use this a bit later, also.
Wordsmith Apprentice Ruben used this and loved it, so I knew it was a good help for writing. The kids pretend to be newspaper reporters. We purchased three and they have already started them!
Research Workout Iris is going to work on this one with Amelia and Maggie. She is a gifted writer, so she will help the kids with a lot of that area of schooling. She particularly wanted Maggie to do a research paper this year, so I said that Amelia would love to do it with them.
Over 40 Games That You can Play this book is so awesome that I am giving it a post of it's own a little later, so check back in!
Truth Quest: Ancient Rome
A Children's Companion Guide to America's History covers American History and government... 31 Days of History shorts in Christian Perspective with a memory verse for every day. Good book.
WHY? do you get goose bumps? does and glowworm glow?does a cat land on it's feet when it falls?

PLUS a LOT more books! Just too many to list!

*looking at this post from far in the future.. we did not continue to use all of the writing curriculum.. we still have some of them.. and Daniel may just use them for high school.. we have discovered some better ways that use Charlotte Mason methods (Story Starters and CM writing prompt card) as well as Elegant Essay from The Institute for Excellence in Writing.  Also, if you look at a later post, you will see the only thing we liked about Our Only Mae Amelia was the title!


Anonymous said...

We have More little visits with God. We really like it. Hope you enjoy!
love valerie M

Our Family of Five said...

I have yet to find out if there is a homeschool store near me or not. That government book looks neat. :)

Promise Christian Academy said...

I will send it to you when we get done with it. We are going to start reading it soon.