Monday, September 10, 2007

Let's Go Fishin' Papa!

We were able to spend the whole weekend at Granny and Popas. We were supposed to be going so that Bradley and Mark could work on his pickup truck ... but... the parts didn't come in yet. So, what do you do with a lot of kids on a Saturday with nothing to do????... they went FiSHiNG! Euri had her trusty camera so here is a little slide show of their fun.

Saturday night Mark took Euri and Bradley to an authentic Korean restaurant. Mark called it 'Fear Factor' food! They did find enough to fill them up, hey, Euri didn't even like some of it!

We went to a restaurant Friday night (on the way to Granny and Popa's) to meet all the local exchange students.. Bradley said he was from Jamaica! Lots of fun!
This is how I enjoyed my weekend... by the pool (in the shade) with a good book!


Our Family of Five said...

:) Thank you for explaining that picture of Euri casting her line!!!

This looks like it was a fun weekend, and I LOVE that copy of Persuasion!! How is it?

Christin said...

You mean you didn't eat any of the Fear Factor food? ;)