Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We miss you and are thinking about you today on your birthday! We won't even mention how old you are today (so your Momma won't cry!). We all love you very much and are very happy to call you friend. You are a good example of Christian character to us all, we see you strive to please and honor God in all you do. We so much enjoy playing with you because of your superior skills in 'combat' and 'strategic planning'. You have taught us how to use our heads and our skills when 'capturing the enemy'. Thank-you for being an inspiring friend and sharing your skills and knowledge with us... and not acting big and better because you are older. Thank-you for encouraging us to continue reading good books... by the way... Amelia is about to read Frank Peretti's Hangman's Curse. It is nice to know you have pre-read some books and found them suitable for us. You have awaken a love of mysteries in all of us and the desire to 'figure things out'. Alex wants to thank you for the way you always made time to play with him and not leave him out of the big kid fun, and for the conversations you kept with him... treating him like a big kid and not a baby! We are watching you grow into a strong, loving, intelligent young man. We are blessed and proud to call you our friend!
With much love,
From: Amelia, Daniel, Alex and Ms. Hilda

A note from Ms. Hilda...
Drew, I want to thank you for all the help you give to your Momma by being a responsible helper to her. You may not realize what a blessing you are to her... for her to be able to TRUST you is very special. Always guard that with all your heart and continue to grow in WISDOM and in STATURE and in FAVOR with God and man.
I love you!

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Our Family of Five said...

Ok, I'm now putting Kleenex on the list, because between typing out my post about his birthday and then reading this, I'm totally out of tissues!

I love all of you! Lynn