Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sleeping Beauty, an Excuse to Procrastinate

Yes she is a sleeping beauty..... HOWEVER..........

She is sleeping on my cluttered desk and every time I go to work on the mess, I have to slide a comatose cat off of my 'brain'. (The kids have named my big three ring binder that I use to stay organized the "Teacher's Brain")

I am happy to say that after about three weeks, I finally got around to not blaming the cat and my desk is clean! I still have to do some paper work in my brain, but the clutter is gone! And wouldn't you know, Suzy hasn't napped on my desk since I cleaned it! Now that it is clean, I can plan with out feeling like I am in a whirlpool, spinning around and around and around and around.
If you have any questions about the unusual collection of things on my desk, ask away. There is a reason, I promise! I do not like clutter, but I like to have things to see that spark my interest, make me smile, or think, or REMEMBER.

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Traci said...

The cat is hilarious! They always have a knack for getting in the place you don't want them. Have you been to ? Funny captioned photos of cats.