Sunday, August 5, 2007

School Room Camp Out

One of the many joys of home schooling is being able to think outside the box. If you, growing up in public school, ever asked your teacher if the students could pitch tents in the school room and spend the night.... what do you think her answer would have been? Well, that is exactly what my students asked me... and the answer was "what a great idea!" Hey, it was either that or me camping on the porch with them!

This is a close up of the girl's tent.....
When we bought these tents about four years ago, the kids actually fit in them! Now, as you see they don't!!!! Suzy thought it was great to have them share the room with her there were so many strings to play with....The girls pictures I took at night... This is how I found the boys the next morning, Suzy really joined in on the camping experience! I have, many days, seen my Daniel asleep with a warm, purring cat wrapped up in his arms.... he has a gentle hand that is good for animals, Maggie has some animal charmer blood in her, too. (I am reading the Secret Garden for the first time and am very impressed with the character 'Dickon'.. I believe this character will come alive for Daniel when he reads the story) By the way.... "Go Duke!"

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