Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fly Boys

Here is my first school movie review!
We recently borrowed "Fly Boys" from our son, Ruben. Mark and I previewed it and decided, that it was a good one for the boys Daniel and Bradley.

We did have to fast forward and close eyes for a very short section, and plug ears for one word later on. I do not have a problem with "John Wayne" type language for a character in a movie, but some words I just do not want my sons to hear in our home. Especially ones that belittle women... even if the women's behavior is worthy of the name!

What was so fun about the movie was the airplane footage. The air battles were so moving and interesting. It gives a boy a lot to think about, planes... flying.... courage.... tactics.... perseverance....

We will be researching these aircraft this week. A movie like this looses it's potential when it is viewed merely for fun. Now that the interest is sparked, I am sure we will learn so much more!

I know this is not a very thorough review, but I hope it is enough to spark YOUR interest!


Magran said...

I really like the way you follow up with things like this. Make everything an education!

Traci said...

I came to visit since you visited my journal. Where is your guitar playing son's picture? I have to see for myself that he is cuter than John! LOL

Hilda Rebecca said...

I posted a Bradley blog just for you! I showed him your blog about the concert, he was happy for you...