Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fourth of July

Well, we live in town... but in the country! I know that doesn't make sense. Just think of Mayberry and you will understand. A couple of years ago we stopped going to crowd around other people to get a glimpse of the local (which is the next town over!) fireworks and started to do driveway fireworks instead. The kids really love it. Of course we have a cookout and have family or friends over. Then when it is dark we go to the driveway and set off cheap fireworks and sparklers. This year Uncle Gary brought us fireworks from 'across the border'. Our state outlaws them except for the fourth, so you have to cross state lines to get a better price and they were traveling anyway. So here are some of the photos....Everyone is cranking their necks to see the sky!

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Magran said...

Good tradition! Much better than all the crowds.