Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baby Dragonfly

We had tadpoles again this summer. We set them up in on old aquarium on the back porch and feed them "pond scum" from the area we catch them. We put screen on top so our cat Pepper won't try to fish for them. We place a rock in the water that is just higher than the water level, the rock has a smooth flat surface on top. This gives the new froggies a place to sit a spell. We release the froggies at the beaver dam under the railroad track just up the street. We usually have about twenty or thirty tadpoles. (We will have to find a new aquarium for next year because our has been cracked when we move it to clean out the lizard poo.) Anyway, we think there were dragonfly eggs floating on the water this year because we saw baby dragonflies around the tank. But we are not sure. I did an internet search looking for photos of dragonfly eggs and found no photos, just that they are "in or near water". Does anyone know what they look like? If they weren't dragon fly eggs, they were some sort of eggs! Well, the baby dragonfly was beautiful. Here is the best picture we have of it. The kids were more excited about this little thing than the tadpoles!


Our Family of Five said...
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Our Family of Five said...

Good picture! I always too squeemish when it comes to those things!! :)

Magran said...

To this day, I still like to search out the tadpoles, but I don't bring them home anymore.