Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spur of the Moment Camp Out

We had known about the Camp Out at Lora's for a few weeks and planned to go.... we even met Granny and Papa to pick up the tent we needed from Bubba. But Saturday morning it was rainy and yucky... so Lora and I decided to just do the campfire cookout part with the kids and pass over the tent and sleep over part for later. HA!

When we arrived at Lora's and the kids saw other tents set up and the that the weather had taken a definite turn for the better... we knew that we couldn't let them miss this opportunity. The tent was conveniently in the back of the van.... and the children had brought their newly constructed first aid kits and flash lights and walkie talkies.... but that was ALL we had for camping! Lora graciously let the children borrow pillow and quilts and toboggans and Mark brought over the only sleeping bag that he knew to find in the house! I made it easier by deciding to take Alex home for the night, but we stayed until about 10:30 so he could enjoy everything except for the sleeping out part. He got to snuggle with Mom and Dad until he fell asleep, so the trade off was good for him!

Mark brought Euri and Jay (another exchange student from South Korea that is staying with us for the weekend) to visit and help set up the tent... when they started they discovered there were only partial instructions to the tent! Some of the tent parts were still wrapped in the original packaging... silica bags and all! It is a good guess that Bubba has never used this tent! Maybe because he lost the instructions????
Mark said "We can't set up this tent without instructions."

I said "You're an engineer with two South Korean students to help, they are supposed to be smart!...if anyone can, you guys can!"

Euri said "I am not smart!"

Amelia dug in and figured out a lot and I suggested a couple things and Euri (encouraged by my confidence in her) contributed a lot... as well as Jay. Working together..... we had it up in no time! It was quite impressive finished... four rooms and two closets!

The children have been planning camping outings for their badge work for Keeper's Club... this one didn't count for anything because we were so unprepared! We are going to do a girls camp out at Maggie's this week and plan a boys one for the near future when Uncle Gary can help.

*Video is of the nice time around the campfire... the sparks were dancing in the night sky... it was worth all the 'trouble' for those few moments for reflection and wonderment of the mighty works of God*
Just incase any other homeschool parents view this blog, I wanted to put in a little adverisement for the exchange student programs. If you have ever considered hosting a foriegn exchange student, I say... go ahead and give it a chance. We only have Jay for the weekend and already he has been an enjoyment. He is a very shy boy, so it suprised us when he sat down to the piano and did this.....

We have had two positive experiences with exchange students. This is our last year hosting for a while, we will be looking into other avenues of opening our home for ministry. We will never forget Magda (who is coming for a visit in June!) or Euri... we hope to stay in contact with them over the coming years.

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Lisa said...

I enjoyed this video, both of my children play piano,it is such a blessing to have music in the home isn't it?