Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Special Treat

This morning I awoke with a severe sinus headache... so we took the morning slow and enjoyed a spontaneous little reading frenzy. Amelia and I propped our books up on salt and pepper shakers and sipped tea, ate oatmeal and read. Daniel joined us soon with his book and breakfast and even Alex had his Dr. Seuss still on the table from last night. What a fun, leisurely way to start the day!
Oh, by the way... Today is Bobby's birthday! He is 9 years old and holding!


Our Family of Five said...

That is a fun and leisurely way to start a day! What is Daniel reading?

Promise Christian Academy said...

Daniel is reading one of the singnature series books... I was reading a Grace Livingston Hill book (The Golden Shoe), but I am done and on to a George MacDonald (A Daughter's Devotion)(I prefer his writing anyway... much deeper)... Amelia is almost done with Nightmare Academy (she didn't want to put it down last night, but I made her watch a movie with us... mean mommy!)
Love you, Hilda Rebecca

Traci said...

I think that is a wonderful way to start the day! I usually do!