Thursday, August 2, 2007

Silly Tomato, You Can't Dance!

Isn't this the most beautiful tomato you have ever seen? Our dear neighbor, Ms. Lossie, grew these this year. We grow cherry tomatoes and, usually, so does she. But her husband, Mr. Kenneth, specially requested that she try to grow big juicy ones so he could have delicious tomato sandwhiches. She came over a few days ago just beaming with pride to give us one of the 'first fruits' of her labor. This is it. And Big Boy, did it taste good! Our little cherry tomatoes are still green. We didn't plant them, they volunteered from last year. Because of the dry weather, they are taking their time. We will have them for salads long after her big reds are gone.
I know the title to this blog doesn't make sense. I just have fond memories of singing the Veggie-Tale silly song (when Larry wears the sombrero and teases Bob about not being able to dance) with my sister Judy.. who is now in heaven... "It's so hard to run with this sombrero on my head!" You have to hear it to 'get' it...
***thought after reading this blog again... I never imagined I would use the word tomato (there I go again) that many times in such a short time period! He He

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Our Family of Five said...

I got that title as soon as I read it!! Tell Ms. Lossie I said hello and I'm envious of her tomatoes!!!! Love you lots, Lynn.