Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Parachute Rescue!

Bradley works at the church helping the pastors with odd and end manual labor. He was taking some items designated as trash to the dump and came across this really nice parachute. You know, the ones they have at day cares for the kids to play with, with all the loop handles around the edge? Well, being the son of his mother, he decided that we could find a better use for it than a home in the dumpster.... and boy, did we! Here are some photos of our fun.....
This is all of us under the parachute..... Alex taking his turn running under..... We found an old Wal-Mart smiley face ball and rolled it around to see who let it roll off....You can't see the ball, in any of these photos......
Where did everybody go??????
There was also a bag of ropes to tie our legs together for 3-legged racing. I wonder why the Church would want to discard something so nice? Well, we are happy for our blessing and will use it at family get togethers and school parties for years to come.


PeakmoreAcademy said...

Re: your comment at http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/PeakmoreAcademy/365693/?#c686935

Nope, I'm originally from Indiana. My husband likes to tease me and just call me "country" LOL

Love your pics of the parachute time. LOL haven't seen one/done one of those in EONS!!LOL

Have a great day!

Our Family of Five said...

The parachute looks great Hilda. That Bradley is a quick thinker. :) Great pics. Love you, Lynn.