Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lego House Project

One rainy, cold day last year... instead of doing "real school".... we spent a fun filled day, yes a whole day, making this Lego house model! It was one of the most fun days we ever had! We built and rebuilt. Every time we thought we were done, we had a new idea. By the time it was done, we had a piano, grandfather clock, paper towel roll, coffee maker, a flip up kitchen table (for more floor space during parties!), and outdoor grill, remote control and flat screen t.v.! The most fun thing we did was put toilet paper on a roll in the bathroom! I think it was all off by the time we took these pictures though. We also had a garage and cars. A tiled front walkway, with a border of flowers. A mail box. A guest room with built in bookshelves and a desk. A computer. A rug. Refrigerator and cabinets that opened and a lot of other neat accessories. After a year of playing with the house and showing our friends, we had to take it apart. I wonder what our new creations will be?
The kitchen with flip table up for more space.

The outdoor patio and grill and bird house. The window behind is right above the kitchen sink and to the right is a "glass door to the family area.

A guest sitting on the sectional couch watching the flat screen t.v. which, by the way, is on a turn table and can be seen from the bedroom, too! The Grandfather clock is behind him.

Ariel view of the living room/master bed room.
Piano and part of master bedroom.
Another view of the kitchen. The yellow thing to the left of the fridge is the coffee dispenser. There is a tissue box in the window sill.
The green room is the guest room. It has a table and desk and lava lamp and over head lighting and a small t.v. (sometimes we said it was an aquarium) built into the cabinet. There are built in shelves over the desk.

My favorite! The bumble bee bathroom. See the toilet with a handle and the empty toilet paper roll to the right? A tiled tub and a sink. The windows all around are the kind that you can't see through but let in light, like in real houses!


Our Family of Five said...

Was this a kit, with all of the dishes, trees and stuff? Very, very neat. It shows off your creativity! Love, Lynn

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this at your house. Ya'll did a great job, one rainy day. love, valerie

HILDA said...

No, it was not a kit. Just a collection of odd and ends. Remember that Ruben and Bradley's legos are included as well as the younger kids. Actually, some of the tiles and flowers are from lego sets I had as a child. That is where the faucets came from too. I wonder if you can find these old legos on ebay?
Love, Hilda