Saturday, July 7, 2007

History Club Project

Amelia and Daniel are members of the Homeschoolers Unfolding History club, which meets at our local library. This is our first really active year in the group. Each year there is a big History Convention at the History Museum. There are several categories of competition that students can participate in. We decided to enter the group art competition and make an old fashioned bonnet, like my grandmother used to wear. The children had to do the work themselves. Daniel pinned and cut the pattern. Amelia did the sewing, with a little instruction from Granny. They did a fabulous job! However, the competition was strong and they did not "win". I think they won a better award. The joy of working together and learning a skill, as well as time with Granny. We are already planning for next year's competition. This year, we only had three weeks notice! We are open to suggestions, so any ideas out there?

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Our Family of Five said...

These are the things they'll remember when they're our age. --Lynn