Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nature Walk

Wednesday morning, June 13, I took the children to the Woodard Homestead for a nature walk. As we drove in the lane, we noticed the flock of geese primping and strutting around the big pond. We tiptoed quietly and stole some sketches of them and listened to their queer noises. Next we visited Adam, Eve and Boaz... the goats! We were all taken with the sweet face and stature of Eve. Boaz was quite comical with his overly round belly, we wondered how he didn't tip over! There were triplet ducks dwelling with the goats. One, in particular, was a sight to behold with a royal plume atop her head! After a good visit, we ventured into the woods and found a lively creek with all sorts of creatures abiding there. We saw teeny tiny frogs, minnows and tadpoles. The crawdads evaded us this time, though we tried to rouse them by splashing through the water. We collected a good amount of tadpoles and scum for them to forage through and set them up a nice comfy home on the back porch so we can observe their transitions to fabulous frogs. When they are grown, we escort them to the Beaver Dam just up the road. After we sat and sketched some more, we headed to the little pond to try and catch a turtle. We like to "borrow" one from the pond for a few months, just to get to know them better, and return them in good fashion to their home. However, it was not meant to be this time. They were feeding just beyond our reach in the little pond. We did enjoy watching him and the fish eat their lunch, though.
The first art work was done by Maggie. The second by Alex.

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