Thursday, June 14, 2007

Driving Lessons for Alex

When winding up our Nature Walk at the Woodard's Homestead, we decided to let Alex have a driving lesson in the golf cart. He sat upon Ms. Lora's lap and timidly, at first, began to steer while she worked the pedals. You could just feel the waves of excitement coming through his little self! A little silliness helped to calm him. Soon he began to really concentrate on the matter at hand. We skimmed by a prized apple tree and a bush, but he was "getting" the handling of the wheel quickly. His little toes tried to press the peddles, but they could not quite reach. I am thankful for that! He had enough to concentrate on, you see, I was bouncing beside him trying to take photos with out sliding out of the contraption! Now came the time for sheer excitement. He was relaxed enough now in his duties as navigator to really enjoy the adventure. We puffed up and flew down the hill a few times making a very amusing ride. I love his look of determination. He has this same look when he is determined to do his duties at home. Once I see this look, I know he will stay on task until the job is done. All in all, his first lesson was successful. He told Ms. Lora that he would be ready to drive "all by himself" next time. Somehow I doubt that will happen!

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