Monday, April 14, 2008

Attention Everyone!

Alex has learned to ride his bike! (and it took him all of 10 minutes!) Once he made up his mind, he just hopped on and went. He was tiring of being left behind by the others, the tricycle and scooter was just too slow... and he determined in his mind to accomplish the task... that was most of the battle! After a few pushes on the grass, he rode to the driveway, then the street (it is flat, the driveways are sloped)... our Sunday afternoon traffic consisted of three cars in the time of several hours! so the road was safe to learn on. He learned to ride, stop and turn and even start himself off. He did have ONE fall (too many instructors telling him what to do confused him) but he fell well and landed safely... he actually FLEW well, like superman over the handle bars and landed into our neighbors azalea blooms! I watched the whole thing from the porch... it was so exciting I had to put down Jane Austin!

*Amelia took this video, mostly running down the street! That is why it is so bumpy!*