Sunday, February 3, 2008

Civil War Club... Hairdo day!

For our Civil War Club last week, the girls decided to experiment with authentic hairstyles. The boys were content to reenact battle outside while we primped.. we still will need MUCH practice to master these hairstyles!

Olivia being styled... and loving it! Amelia being styled and talking to Daddy at the same time....
Try as we might, the most difficult thing was to keep a straight face for the photos! In all of the Civil War photos we have viewed, maybe two women had a smile.... and one of those was a mother looking at her child, who could help but smile? The other was a .... ummm.... well let just say she was a working only her under garments!Amelia finally mastered the straight, unemotional Civil War pose..Amelia loving on baby Hayden..... awwww! Side view of Amelia's curlies Me not able to cease from giggling... we decided that I need a 'rat' for my hair...Lora in her bonnet, not able to give a straight face either!Thanks Lora for opening your home for our Civil War club day!
*Fast forward... a long while... this 'Civil War Club' very quickly 'evolved' into actual Living History... and we have never... yet... worn our hair in ringlets to an event.  We did have a lot of fun that day!  However, we have learned so much about accurate hairstyles since then.

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