Saturday, December 15, 2007


Poor Suzy has hurt her leg! Please help us pray for her comfort while it heals. We are having to escort her outside for potty breaks and help her to her food. She only lies and sleeps... which is so unlike her young self! We know she is having a miserable time. From what we can feel, the bones are in place... but she has a whelp in her "under arm".. we are not sure yet if it is a bug bite or a bruise or worse... we are going to give her the weekend and hopefully she will improve. If not... where do you find reasonably priced care for a cat? Please keep our darling Suzy in your prayers!

**Update: Her injury is doing slightly better, less of a limp... the bone is fine and it seems to be an injury from a fight. Suzy is younger than the other cats and still thinks that the other cats are there for her pouncing enjoyment! One of the older cats must have had enough and fought for real, where Suzy was just after a little scamp. She really does annoy the other cats with her constant pouncing and playfulness. The other cats only pounce mice, birds, butterflies and moths! And we even found a bat in the yard once that didn't survive the cats playfulness! They ignore any other cats in the area until provoked... maybe Suzy has learned a valuable lesson****


Our Family of Five said...

she is adorable. I hope she heals quickly. :)

Kimmie said...

She is a beauty...hope and pray her limp is gone and that she is feeling full of kitty joy ;-)

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