Monday, November 5, 2007

International Festival

Every year we go to our State capitol for the annual International Festival. Well, I say every year... this is our second! We first thought of it when we had Magda, our exchange student from Poland. This year we were happy to take Euri with us as well as Halil from Ukraine and Choy from South Korea. Along for the ride was Ruben and Jess and Kaylee Bug, so we had quite a group with us!
The Fair is set up like this.... booths and booths of food from different countries, booths and booths of information and fun stuff from different countries, a main stage with dancers featured from different countries! Sounds simple enough?!

We arrived just in time for lunch.... the boys had Italian (pizza!), I had Greek, Mark had Chinese, Euri and Choy had Japanese, Bradley had Latin American and International coffee, Ruben and Jess had wraps from somewhere, and Halil (I think) had Polish! Amelia didn't really find anything that she liked, (normal) but other than that....Something for everyone!

I was with out a camera (mine still needs batteries!) and Euri had hers, but the pictures aren't that great. I have some really good ones from last year, though! Because Amelia's birthday is today we let her get a Henna tattoo at the Festival, so pretty! However, I am glad it goes away! I have always wanted to get one, maybe next year....

Kaylee did great, especially with her Grandpa's shoulder to sleep on.....Alex was a good boy, but got tired after the first three hours.... what an expression!

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Our Family of Five said...

Alex is soooo cute. :) And such a unique place for a henna tattoo. :)