Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcoming Euri Jo... airport photos

Waiting for Euri! (Alex was so very excited!)
Wondering, is that her? No, maybe this is her, no! Where is she? We saw to young people (obviously Asian) come down the escalator together. They were not looking around as if they expected someone, though and we thought it may have been a young married couple! In hindsight, I do remember a sense of fear on their faces! Imagine coming to a new country not even sure of who you are to live with? We had not been able to communicate with Euri before hand... e-mail complications. Well, It was her a boy from South Korea that is being hosted by friends from our church....

Here she is!
We were waiting for her luggage.. we could tell she was so nervous! She giggled and put her hands to her face, really she was so overwhelmed that the other student, the boy, talked for her! But she has relaxed now and talks with us freely. Here is a photo of Hung Gyu (not sure on the spelling!), the boy, and his host father... we were watching Mark and Euri and Daniel wait for luggage! Hey, there wasn't anything else to do!

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Our Family of Five said...

Alex does look older! It's because of his haircut though. I think he we always have a sweet, 'baby' look about him!