Friday, August 10, 2007

Today's for back to Homeschool week the topic is 'Curriculum'.
Well, let's see... Since I mainly follow the Charlotte Mason method I do not use traditional textbooks. I have built a nice library full of 'living books' and I am still collecting. We read and read some more! Then we DO stuff.

There are, however, some books that are literature 'text' books that I use. Such as 'Christian Kids Explore Biology' and 'Story of the World'.. these I use the when and how I want to and they do not rule me. The science book is very easy to make it as little or as much involved as you want. When the kids show a greater interest, we carry it further and pull in other resources... when they say, "oh that's cool, Mom" and then look out the window, we move on! The history book, the kids like to listen to the stories on the cd's and do the activity sheets and some of the hands on activities... We use this with a mixture of living books read in chronological order. We have started G.A. Henty books this year and are very excited... we have our very first one, The Cat of Bubastes. We also found a new literature based curriculum (well, actually it is a wonderful book list!) called Truth Quest... the writers teach you to look not at what man has done through the ages but what GOD has done through man, and why???... the best way to look at history.

For math we use 'Moving With Math' for higher grades I am considering 'Teaching Textbooks' and I am thinking about using some 'Singapore' for Alex, just for fun. We didn't start with a Math text until mid-third grade... before then we played math games and such. It was fun and my kids are not backwards because of it!

I really loved using 'English for the Thoughtful Child' and will use it with Alex. We did a lot of it orally. I am doing 'Simply Grammar' which is all oral with the kids, but not everyday... just as a refresher every now and then. 'Daily Grams' are done almost daily... how interesting! He He! But the most of the children's grammar learning comes from our intense reading! Simple, yes? Sometimes we do copy work from and old, old Grammar text book... Grammar Made Easy.

We are using the Prairie Primer... loosely... to go through the Little House series...

I am looking forward to using the Answers In Genesis guide book to Pilgrim's Progress. This was a splurge, but I am very happy about it.

One more thing about science.... I plan on building, book by book, my Answers in Genesis library. I have been very convicted lately about the type of science books I put in their hands, knowing I can be placing these books in their hands instead! I promised myself that I would only add 'creation' science books to the already bulging science shelf. I have already been very picky about what goes on that shelf, so there is no evolution... but I feel that Answers books well worth reading and collecting.

Oh! For teaching the kids to read I only need one book... 'How to teach your kids to read in 100 easy lessons'! It has worked great... because I use it to suit my kids. I do supplement Bob Books, just because I found some cheap at the thrift store!

I also use the Victory Drill Book, it really helped my 'not as fast' reader...
Another book the kids love is 'Listen my Child and You Shall Hear'....

In addition to this, we have several books with stories, character lessons, poems, etc. to read aloud. We are collecting and reading Lamplighter books, also and like I said before.... reading, reading, reading. This year I am going to try to incorporate more creative writing into our school. Maggie's Mom (my sister) is a gifted writer and she will be helping me with the children in this area... I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with!

That is about it for now. Oh, one more thing... games and hands on activities play a big part of our curriculum, also. How is this for Home Economics??? Daniel made eggs this morning, Amelia made the sausage... So nice! Daniel played about 5 rounds of chess with two different exchange students, does that sound like Critical Thinking to you???? Homeschooling is so much fun!

Back to Homeschool week is hosted by Randi at i have to say..... I will be putting links to all these books... just not now, I am sleepy!

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Our Family of Five said...

I just realized I missed this. That is a good idea, about the Answers in Genesis Library. I'm hopefully going to post a picture of my 'new' library this week. So you can see all of my bookshelves. This is a great post Hilda! Love, Lynn