Thursday, August 9, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Magda

I thought today would be a good day to journal about the day we said goodbye to Magda, our last year's exchange student from Poland. Why today? Because we are going to the airport today to pick up Euri Jo from South Korea! We are only welcoming Euri Jo and will not be hosting her for the year, but hope to still spend time with her and get to know her well. (Hopefully Jessica will not have the baby while we are at the airport!)

Magda was so much fun! We miss her, it is definitely more quiet around the house even though there are still NINE people living here! Magda was very loud and demonstrative, but in a good way, she would jump up and down when she was excited. I absolutely loved it! I asked her if all Polish people were loud and she said yes... somehow I truly doubt that. I was always told that I was loud when I was little, so I was happy to have someone louder than me! It was fun to hear her talk to her Mom in Polish over the phone, they had very emotional sounding conversations. Magda would tell me later that her Mom was drilling her.... "do you tidy your room? are you being a good girl? do you help out around the house?" She stayed on the phone for an hour with her Mom before she cooked a Polish meal for us... Magda said afterwards "she told me a hundred times, I know this!" I loved it and have prepared it for my family many times since. As a forethought... I do not see me making any South Korean food! Have you seen what they eat????? Ugh. Magda was our very first exchange student, and I do not believe we could have had a better experience. If anyone reads this who has ever thought about hosting and exchange student, I would say... go for it! Just do some very serious praying before hand that God will match you with a student that will adapt well to your family. Here is a slide show of us posing with Magda and taking her to the airport... I was bawling by time it was all over! Magda if you read this... we love you dearly and miss you like crazy and you were such an added blessing to our home!


magran said...

I loved the pictures. I had heard so much about Magda from Lynn. It was good to be able to put a face with the name finally. You are blessed to be able to host exchange students.

Our Family of Five said...

I like the view finder. I saw that as one of their selections and new it would be cute. I miss Magda and she didn't even live with me!! Love, Lynn