Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If you fail to PLAN, you plan to FAIL..

This is a quote I learned from my best friend, Lynn. We took her advice and had a 'homeschool meeting' around the table in the school room about mid summer. We made lots of plans! We have stuck to them, well mostly... but have a renewed determination now that Bradley and Euri have started Public School again and we have the house to ourselves. We have had to back up the date for our recital, because we want it to be well put together. Now we are shooting for the end of September, instead of the end of August. I have about decided to chunk the Prairie Primer for the time being, well except for the chapter discussion questions and the Bible questions. I do like it, but it just isn't the right time... maybe it will be good for Alex. I am going to purchase the Little House, season one DVD set from Sam's club for us to watch as a reward for diligent school days. We came up with a daily schedule... but my Word program is messed up and I have not hand written it... I guess I am too lazy! I like typing so I can make changes as quickly as my brain flips... my writing is too slow. BUT, Amelia has an amazing memory and is constantly reminding me... Mom, 5 min. until snack time! Mom, it's 12:10 we are late for lunch! Her stomach rules her I guess! We are having a good time in the school room, though I still have some Math stuff to get straight in my head. We are using Calculadder, Daily Grams, Simply Grammar, Victory Drill, Listen my child and you shall hear, Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons, Phonics from Christian Liberty Press, vintage readers, Moving with Math as well as games for multiplication memory, and... we are reading up a storm! The kids also are working on selections for memorization and to act out, plays to perform, copy work, journaling, and we will start spelling plus for Daniel and Maggie next week. Amelia has phased out of spelling and phonics for now and she helps Alex during those lessons. I work with Alex while the big kids journal and do copy work or read. We are going to squeeze in some nature stories on the front porch whenever possible... the nicer the weather the more front porch schooling we do! I am headed out there now. We will begin History and Science activities in the afternoon when we get more used to our routine, but they get most of that through reading and listening to stories, field trips and experiments. We are not a text-book family, that is for sure! I have schooled that way, though and would again if it seemed necessary. The homeschool kits at Christian Liberty Press are well put together and economical. The kids are eating lunch so I am taking a break to blog a little... Here are some pictures (Amelia was shutter happy!) of our meeting, the kids had a great time taking part in their future schooling adventures!


Our Family of Five said...

Maggie definitely thought something was funny! What is Amelia knitting? And the cat just looks like it can't figure out what's going on! :)

See your list of things you're doing..... its longer than mine! :)

Tell everyone we said hello. Love, Lynn.

Hilda Rebecca said...

They were all 'tickled' for a while. We had promised the 'meeting' for a couple of weeks so they were excited to finally have it! Amelia, I think, was knitting a bib like the one you showed her. The cat is always in the way!
About my list, remember most of the things on there take about 5 minutes, more or less... And I pull double duty working with Alex while they are doing copy work or something. So if we beging around 8:30 with Bible, we can usually be done by 11:00...IF they are diligent and chores do not distract me!... except for the reading hour and all the 'extra, fun projects'...