Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting Out There....

It is 8pm, I have been up and going since 5am, so this is going to be quick! Plus, I need to rest in case we head to the hospital tonight to welcome a Granddaughter.

We do get out there. Not every day or even every week, but we do. We help in our small town's Veteran's Day celebration each year. We volunteer at the local thrift store, which is a non-profit organization to aid families with terminally ill children. We used to volunteer to help clean the church almost every Monday because a very sweet old lady did it by herself, but she retired and a younger woman is doing it. My kids are not very interested in sports, but we did a year of YMCA soccer when Amelia was young... We didn't like the coach/player/parent relationships seen on the fields of the older teams. Our homeschool group has choir, band, and other opportunities. We are involved in the History Club at the library. We visit historical museums and battle fields and such any time we can. We are in the heart of the south, so a lot of Civil War cites. Amelia has taken voice and piano at our church. She competed in our churches teen talent and made first place in the state in her division. We visit our elderly neighbors. Visit the Children's Home our family has worked at, we sometimes become 'visiting resources' and bring children home for the weekend. When they are older, I thought of helping with meals on wheels. We are becoming acquainted with some elderly 'shut ins' and hope to visit regularly. I have been very convicted lately about ministering to the 'widows and orphans'... this is where I try to channel our outreach ministry. We also like to babysit for friends in need or friends who just need a break. We are trying to make memorable visits with grandparents, too. I cherish the memories I have of my Grandmother and want my kids to have treasured memories some day, too. We no longer participate in the Wednesday night programs at our church, we do Keepers At Home instead, but we are inviting some homeschool friends to join us for special activities. We also are involved with the exchange student program... the kids love meeting other kids from all over. The photo is our last day with Magda, from Poland. We miss her! I guess we bring more to us than we get out to do!

Well, I am about to drop! So I am going to have a cup of tea with honey and doze off.

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