Thursday, August 16, 2007

Euri loose with a camera around the house!

Euri brought with her a digital camera... she is so bored that she has been taking pictures around the house and keeping up with her Korean blog (she pronounces it with a long o, how cute!). These are some of the photos she has taken...My favorite one is of all the shoes she has bought since she has come to America...nine days ago! (The pink heels she bought at the goodwill with me) This one has a shot of Khalil, from Ukraine, building blocks with Maggie, Daniel and Alex. We will have the joy of his company again this weekend. The hair picture is Amelia's hair styled by Euri....and I don't know why, but she took a shot of the buffalo chicken srips! (A quick lunch favorite)

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Our Family of Five said...

She looks like a lot of fun Hilda! I'm so glad Mark decided to let you keep her! Love, Lynn