Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shop Class

The children are blessed to have a "Papa Full of Knowledge". He is a Mr. Fix It and has a humongous shop full of stuff, well, debatable junk. But don't say that in hear shot of Papa! I, as teacher and principle of our fine school, decided that it was time to make use of this fountain of knowledge and wisdom that springs from my own Dad. We have made an oath to spend time, hopefully once a week, with my parents. The kids will be truly blessed with time well spent with their grandparents, and hopefully be passed some of the wells of wisdom that they have accumulated through out their fruitful lives. (Granny is looking forward to sewing and cooking lessons with the girls, too!) The first class was "Shop", of course. Bike shop to be exact. With Papa's help, they bought some tools to get started. Then they spent time learning the mechanics of the bike and how to change tires and attach chains, among other secrets. They were surprised to hear that their mother, as a girl, had a bike shop! They enjoyed the time with Papa and have worked on their bikes a few times, at home, since then. A nice two wheel bike just right for Alex with training wheels was fixed up, as well as one to practice on without training wheels and a little larger. There was plenty plundering done in Papa's big shop. Alex practically was lost in there. He likes to sit on the motorcycles and lawn mowers. The next Papa project is supposed to be working on CB radios for the children. It would be nice if they could learn about amateur radio communications and talk to Home Schooled children in Alaska! With a Papa Full of Knowledge and a shop full of.... ahem.... stuff, the possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

You will never regret your committment you have made to visit once a week. I did this for a whole year with my Granny and we learned so much, and the bond has become even greater with all of us!
love you all! valerie

HILDA said...

Yes, I stole the idea from you! :0)