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The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Another Active Week!

*just a note: I am starting this post Wednesday and will continue it short moments through out the week.. so the 'be' verbs will be all mixed up! We are, we did, we will! I find it easier to document as the week goes along... instead of asking the children Saturday night "What did we do Monday?" Our lives are so full that we are always looking at the here and now, or the what comes next.  This blog helps us to remember and enjoy the yesterdays!*

In our homeschool this week…This week is shaping up to be a packed full week of learning, work, family, and fun.  As of Wednesday morning, we have accomplished very much.. the only thing we haven't fit in (that was planned, so far!) was Geography drill (something we used to do and got out of the habit.. once the habit is gone, it is difficult to get back in the saddle!) and we skipped 4-H because of questionable weather and a sore throat.

Daniel and Amelia are not crazy about Health and Civics, but they are getting it done.  Those are a couple of subjects that should be on their transcripts and we cover them by portions with other activities and studies, but just to 'be sure' we picked up a small text book for each and they are just going through them this semester so we can 'check it off the list'.  After years of homeschooling with out 'text books' this is what I heard: Amelia said "This Civics book is very redundant" and Daniel said "Mom, I already know most of this stuff in this Health book".   There are new concepts for them and new facts as well, still they are relatively easy for them. I am sure they will be glad when the books are completed.. for more than one reason!  They will feel a sense of accomplishment and I will be glad that they persevered to completion of a commitment made.  On a side note, they both really enjoy the Apologia Science textbooks.. weird?

Alex and I are going through a fun science book together.. just because he has always been interested in 'spies'.  All of the children went through a 'spy stage' and with Alex.. it stuck.  We decided to re-vive our old, seldom ever used YouTube account... with a smart phone it will be easy to load videos of some of our antics projects.  The suggested 'extra' activities for project #2 in Detective Science was our first loaded video... well, that is, after the trial upload of Alex's new kitty, Walter, being too cute and playful!

For Five in a Row, Alex is so much enjoying The Glorious Flight.  He is an airplane history-buff-in-the-making.. so this book and the history of flight we are studying along with it, are such a joy to Alex!  We pulled out a book of Bradley's to read together (100 Years of Aviation; A history of humankind's conquest of the skies... it was published by Barnes and Nobles and I guess is out of print.. too bad, it had the best drawing and concise information) will be a doosey to accomplish, but his interest is so keen I would never forgive myself for not doing our best.

Daniel has started Weightlifting again after a three week break because of Driver's Education.
We chose a new artist to study.. John James Audobon.  Our sources:
The Boy Who Drew Birds by Jacqueline Davies
Into the Woods by Robert Burleigh
The Birds of America by Audobon
and a fun little extra book that gives a musical score for birds songs.... Field Birds of Wild Birds and Their Music by P. Schuyler

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program!
Alex was feeling 'tired' Tuesday, I thought it was lingering tiredness from our full weekend and his cold last week... I began this blog post early Wednesday before the children awoke.  But, Wednesday when Alex sat at the table for Five in a Row.. (after devotion and some read aloud..about 10am) he couldn't hold his little head up!  So, I told him to go rest.. and he snoozed for quite a while.  By the end of the day he had a 102 fever and Wednesday night he was up with hallucinations.. that is how a fever effects Alex.  We had about two hours of sleep... Thursday, the fever was broken and he was on the mend.. but the week, as far as school, was history!  So, I became a one woman sewing maniac and took this mandatory off school time (while Alex recuperated) to sew a complete new set of historical clothing for Alex and finish Kaylee's for our event on Saturday.  Alex did a lot of reading and the older children continued with Math and Science, Health and Civics... while I sewed like MAD!  We had a wonderful event and because of the historical significance of the roles they were portraying and because the children share history with the visiting public (public speaking), we count Saturday as a school day.  Monday is 'off' school to wash, organize and put our living history supplies away and launder our dirty historical clothing. 
I am inspired by…
God.. Who gave me the superhuman strength to accomplish so much this week in the midst of the trials we faced with sickness and lack of rest.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We went to our favorite, and closest to home Civil War site... and saw dear friends.. and met very interesting people!
My favorite thing this week was…My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing this week was meeting a WWII/Korean War Veteran.  He was a visitor at Bentonville, I believe he said he was 84 years old.  He could not hear me, even when I raised my voice a bit.. but he understood every word of his soft spoken wife!  I believe he has learned how to read her lips. When I asked him where he served, and he didn't hear me and his wife translated, his eyes grew wide and he began telling me so much about where he served, what he did.. he was so willing to share.  From experience, I know that some War Veterans are reluctant to relive their experiences by telling others about them.  So, within a minute of hearing his continuing story I KNEW that I needed to get my boys.  I reluctantly interrupted him to ask if I could bring my boys over to hear his tale, and when his wife translated and he understood he was delighted.  Daniel's voice must have been low enough for him to hear (some people who are loosing their hearing can hear a man's voice, and not a woman's) and they were able to carry on a nice conversation. 
His name was Shelton.  He and his wife tell me there are not many men 'left' named Shelton.  I am thinking there are not many WWII Veteran's 'left'.. and I can't keep the tears from welling up.. I am an emotional sap about these brave men and women.
Mr. Shelton was with the amphibious forces at Guadalcanal and other places the boys have only read about.  He was a gunner.  He told the boys that each time, before he pulled the trigger on his gun, he prayed for those men that he may kill.. that he knew they were some one's son, brother, father...
You just don't get that opportunity sitting behind a desk.  I am so thankful for the opportunity my boys had to hear real living history.
What’s working/not working for us… 
Living History is defintely working for us.  Amelia and I are considering making Regency clothing.. just because.  Learning about the changes of fashions in history is mind boggling, but oh so exciting!
Questions/thoughts I have… 

Will we ever have a full week again? sigh.
Things I’m working on…Amelia and I are sewing a complete new set of Civil War historical clothing for Kaylee.. she has grown so much!  I am working on the chemise, stays, corded petticoat, over petticoat, and dress.  Amelia is making the drawers and pinafore.  Crazy amount of sewing to attempt in one week while having full school days.. but this is a crazy hobby!
*we finished! And a jacket for her! Wow!*I’m reading…Still reading The Bloddy Field and reading the 'other stories' after Cranford. Thinking of reading a Civil War biography or personal journal from the time period next.. just to brush up on my history.  It helps to read and re-read first hand accounts when you are trying to portray an era well.
I’m cooking…Well, Daniel is the cook again!  For his Culinary Arts class, he is cooking supper occasionally.  Last night we had baked porkchops and potatoes with 'a secret sauce'.  Yummy.
I’m grateful for…
Here is is Monday.. October 3rd.. and it seems as if we are relatively healthy!  Our sniffuls and sneezed are almost non-exsistent. 
I’m praying for…
My Momma.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
We had a wonderful, learning, social, event at Bentonville Historic State Park Saturday.  Here is the link to our photos we posted on Facebook.  One of the ways we use Facebook to keep in touch with fellow living historians, so we post our event pictures there often.

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Stopping by from the homeschool mothers journal link up. Oh my goodness; i love that thomas edison quote (I would love to hand it out to every young person participating in the "occupy wall street" demos! I'm like you; our weeks are so busy that sometimes when i go to write a "wrap up" post, Monday seems ages ago! blessings to you this week! katie