Friday, October 28, 2011

Easy Civil War Hairstyle Tutorial

The Supplies: plastic hair pins that look like tortiose shell (I by ours at Sally's Beauty Supply), little black rubberbands....
Pomade, this is modern bought at a salon.. for our living history events we use authentic pomade that friends made from a 'recipe' from the 1860's.
 First Step: Part the hair.. down the center, then a line to the back of the ears... like a 'T' or 'Y' shape.  Pull the front sections forward for now...
Step Two: take the back hair and divide in sections, tie with rubber-bands.  Tie them low, near the base of the neck.. but not TOO low! Amelia's hair is quite thick, so we usually do four braids.  My hair is thin and (when it is long enough) I only make two.
 Step Three: Twist the front sections of hair.  This is a good way to 'work in' and hide modern bangs and layers.  If you have short hair and bangs, pomade will help bond them together.
 Step Four: Attach the twisted front sections to the first pony-tail on each side, just add another rubber-band.
Step Five: Braid pony-tails as far to the end as possible and tie off with another rubber-band. 
 Step Six: Wrap the braids into a bun.. and you're done!
(Please excuse the elbows! When your wrap, tuck the spraying ends underneath the 'bun')


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