Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fairy Invasion!

We recently had some very peculiar visitors to our school room... fairies.  Yes, I said fairies!  They were mesmerized by our beautiful big world map and came to plan their next flying fancies to places all over this wide world!

Reviewing a bit of this past summer... Amelia went on a road trip to compete nationally with her youth choir and ensemble!  She traveled by bus with several friends and parent chaperones to Tennesse.  We were able to watch her compete and see the other choirs through live streaming on the Internet.  I was so happy! I cried buckets, just like I would have if I was REALLY there with her.  Isn't technology great?

Alex had a chance to spend some time with his cousin's (Amanda Joy) dogs Marley and Shopie.. something we don't have room for here in 'town'!
An old family favorite brought back out for a younger generation to learn... "Pass the Pigs"!

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