Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elxporers 4-H

This year my youngest child is turning TEN! I have thought about this very much.  Yes, I already have two precious grand babies that are coming along right after him, so I am not feeling that 'your going to have an empty nest' feeling.  However, I am thinking about our time together as mother and son.  His older siblings still at home are homeschooling their high school years.. and need a lot of my attention!  Yet, they are old enough to do some independent learning at intervals to free my time... and how to use that time? I ponder.. on sewing? scrap booking? reading? cleaning this old house? ummm?  Absolutely not.  There will probably come a time in my life when I have more than ample time for my hobbies.. so I will just continue to squeeze time in for now.  So, this year I purposely searched out school related activities that would be both fun and educational for Alex.. that he and I could enjoy together.. just the two of us!

The first opportunity came in the form of Five in a Row.. but I've already blogged a bit a about that.
Then, I looked for outside of the home opportunities... I asked about karate? no.  Chemistry co-op? um maybe.  Choir? absolutely not, mom!  So, I kept checking our homeschool group Yahoo loop... everyday. 

And finally (Hallelujah Chorus) there was an invitation to 4-H.  Not just any regular 4-H.... but a 4-H with a main focus on hiking and nature walking (cha-ching!). And NO need to raise and care for animals (we live on a corner block in town.. no piggies are going to reside here! Although, we tried a bunny and may take that adventure again?). And the age range was just right for him.. 9-12 with older and younger siblings welcome if needed. 

Alex, how about 4-H? We see their cool stuff at the State Fair every year? and they will go hiking ?...
Sure, mom.  Sounds interesting. 
Oh, well, Alex.. it looks like there are mostly girls in this group.  Umm, you can be friends with girls just as easy as boys, right? Yeah, why not? I guess so.

So, we did.

Just look at the grin.  Alex managed to find the only other boy (that wasn't an older sibling tagging along) in the goup.  We are looking foward to our many new adventures.. together.. with this great 4-H group!

*Oh.. a side note.. this trip just happened to be on the day the earthquake his the East Coast.  Alex and I were able to experience that adventure, toghether.. sitting in our truck at a stop light.  I immediately looked in my rear view mirror to see WHO was in the back of my truck pulling a prank and rocking it!
In the mean time... Amelia and Daniel were home... alone.. each wondering what the other was doing to shake this old house!  (yes.. our house shakes... everytime the fast train goes by, the windows and light fixtures rattle.  Doors open by themselves.. the refrigerator door will open on it's own if you stomp across the kitchen just so... but that is all a whole other blog.. a whole other story!)*

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Tracy said...

Thanks for stopping by my Greek Activities post and leaving a comment and following my blog! I would love to follow you back, but I don't see where I can here on your homepage.

Anyway, my 2 older kids participated in a gardening 4H program last spring and really enjoyed it! So glad your son found a group to join and I hope he enjoys his 4 H adventures and new friends!

So glad you joined NOBH too!
Nice to "meet" you!

Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life" :)