Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simple Machines

 Daniel enlisted the help of his always available brother and sister to complete his General Science experiment. 
 The assignment was to make a pulley system with rope and broom handles.  We all knew the principle of the pulley system, and guessed the outcome before the experiment even began.  We knew that a pulley should help lift or move a heavy load, make the task easier.  However, experimenting it hands on and really feeling the power of a pulley really made it 'wow' in our heads!
 We thought we would really test the pulley system.  Could scrawny little Alex, make big guy Daniel and strong, determined Sissy move from their places and pull the broom handles closer together?  Daniel and Sissy really dug in their heels, to make it a real test...
Alex claimed the victory each and every time.  So, the pulley system's power was proven to us.

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