Friday, August 5, 2011

Sign of the Beaver: Book Review & Movie Review

The boys have learned a valuable lesson. The book is almost always better than the movie. They both gave a written narration, Alex began his with
"The movie was nothing like the book. I like the book a lot more!"

Alex continues:
"Matt's dad left him a big gun. A fat guy came and stole the gun. Matt chased him. Matt did not catch him. Matt and Attean tried to get the gun, but it broke. The big guy got trapped. That all happened in the movie. In the book Matt woke up and the gun was gone. Attean taught Matt to shoot a bow and arrow."

Here is Daniel's:
"The movie was nothing like the book.
The story is about a boy named Matt who has to live in he forest of Maine in his family's cabin while his dad goes to get his mom and sister.
(insert note: work with Daniel on run-on sentences!)
While he's in the woods he gets his dad's gun stolen, gets attacked by bees and teaches an Indian to read and survives the winter."

We have enjoyed other writings of Elizabeth George SpeareThe Bronze Bow was a favorite read aloud during our Anciet Rome studies.

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