Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Egg Drop

When I (Hilda) was in eighth grade, my teacher gave us a very fun assignment.  I had to build something, anything, that would keep an egg from breaking when dropped from a high up place.  I don't remember what the 'point' was, or what we were supposed to learn.  All I remember is a fun project at hand and climbing on the rooftop of our ranch style home with my parents on the ground cheering me on, and dropping my 'creation' on the ground... and the egg not breaking. 

So, just for fun.. on a 'non-school' day.. the children and their close friends Hope and Josh.. were 'assigned' this project.   It was boys against girls.  And to make it more of a challenge, the children could only use certain items: masking tape, craft sticks, straws, egg cartons, string, wax paper and newspaper.

Of course, I just HAD to get in on the fun and make one.  I had an idea in my head... it didn't look at all like this in my head!  It took quite a long time to build.  However, my egg did NOT break.  In fact we had fun bouncing this around, even 'shooting hoops' with it before the egg cracked.  I was quite proud.

 This is Josh, showing the creation of the boy's team.  It was a lot of fun waiting for the egg to drop and listening for that tell tale sound of a crunch or crack.  We took several videos, which are quite comical.  Good memories for the children... we still don't know what we were supposed to learn.

Daniel was being a gentleman.. Hope was nervous, so he lent a hand.

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