Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finding our way back to Routine...

Recently we, as a family and a school, have had some changes in our day to day activities. My Daddy was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia and has been undergoing treatment and very sick. It has taken some time for us to adjust and come to terms with this. Our daily school life was sort of 'put on hold' for a while... Math and reading were done daily, not much history or science or even literature for a while... We managed to continue with some living history events, which has been a joy for us all... a job to do. Now things are 'falling into place'... we have figured out what needs to be done for my parents and now are able to rearrange our lives accordingly... we are so thankful for the opportunity to serve them in this time of need. It is a joy to be needed and allowed to help.

That is one of the joys of homeschooling... flexibility and the ability to experience life when it hits hard... and get through the trials together.. as a family.. and grow stronger because of it.

So, what are those colonists doing now? it has been a few weeks since we heard? Are we ready for the next Spelling Wisdom selection? A new Story Starter? And what are our two little confederates doing? And just how is our old oak tree taking on the wind? are it's leaves fallen? just how does our ear work anyway? how many bones do we have? What does Robert Frost say about... the frost? and does Paddle EVER make it to the sea?... we shall see.

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