Thursday, September 10, 2009

The End of the Chronicles

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. We laid an old friend down to rest. We had lingered on his words so that he would still be near... but alas! The last word was spoken and the last chapter read! With mixed emotions we placed our dear friend back upon the shelf for the last time, pondering all that we had shared together. Yet, all is not lost! another year... and we will see our friend again.. and get to know him even better. Until then, dear Chronicles of Narnia, rest in peace.

Being that we are such social creatures, today we begin a relationship with someone new.. who will it be? William Shakespeare? or will we talk more with Robert Frost? or four most cherished Little Women?
Oh how nice it is to be friends with books.

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Hope said...

Awwww! Narnia will miss you! May I make a suggestion for your next book series. READ INKHEART! READ INKHEART! Anyway read inkheart, bye!