Friday, July 17, 2009

School on the Road

Father's Day weekend brought us to Wilmington, so Mark could play a round of golf with his brother, so we packed up school and traveled! It was fun, homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way makes travel so easy. I pulled out my much unused scrapbook supply suitcase and loaded it with books.... we had some hands on science work with the Body Book... for these photos I just held the camera high above my head while looking up... not knowing what the children were doing for the photo...
then I brought it down to eye level to view the pictures, what a laugh for me when I saw the faces! first photo, only one child captured, second... two and the third I caught all three goofballs! We worked hard and were finished by noon! wow! fun for the rest of the day!

*This post was accidentally posted on our Nature Blog! oh my!
so I just moved it over here where it is SUPPOSED to be! oh me!

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