Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mini Vacation

..... The handiwork of takes my breath away......

Our lives have seemed like a 'rolling snowball'... the more we do the more we have to do.... the children and I have decided that we need to slow down and make the most of everyday instead of being caught up in the whirlwind.
So, when the living history event at Ft. Anderson was canceled due to possible inclement weather... we decided to go to Wilmington anyway for a long weekend of fun! Away from the chores and duties of home...It was great! Though we only spent an hour at the actual ocean, it was just enough sun and water beautiful scenery and breathing in the ocean air to rejuvenate us emotionally and physically.

We plan to go again soon and spend an entire morning at the ocean......

In addition to the time at the ocean, we cleaned Uncle Ricky's house for him while he played golf with Daddy, played with Elijah, went to the Ft. Anderson site and meat the event coordinator and received an invitation to future events there, ate at our favorite little Wilmington restaurant, had a cook out, watched movies, went to church, walked on the River Walk and was caught in a downpour.... made a lot of happy memories!

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Hope said...

Did u have FUN?
Great pictures!