Friday, March 13, 2009

Routine... with a little welcomed sunshine and friends!

Every morning, we enjoy a nice long quite time reading our Bibles, devotions and books along with a steaming hot 'cup of joe'... but lately the mornings have been dusted with a blessing of warm sunshine... through the schoolroom windows and calling us out of doors!

Maggie is reading her new Bible that Iris picked up at the Wholehearted Mom conference... the Picture Bible.... 
Alex is finishing up his Beginner's Bible! Since this picture was taken, he has moved up to the Picture Bible and reading Proverbs daily from a 'real' Bible!
Amelia pauses her reading 'Dangerous Duty of Delight' by John Piper to tell me about a lively conversation she had with Daddy where he answered her teasing request very typical... NO! This is not the most flattering photo... mid-laugh and mid-word... but take a look at her adorable shirt
The day was so beautiful we all marched over to our neighbors comfy gazebo for our group devotion and Hero Tale... Wesley had come to join us for some basketball and Civil Air Patrol drill practice... we were trying to squeeze in as much fun, sun and school as we could in this one glorious day!

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