Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Dress Up...

As a young girl, I 'played dress up' quite often... in fact, I STILL DO! I guess that is part of why re-enacting and making vintage clothing appeals to me so much. My children have always had an ample 'dress up box' and we are already beginning one for Kaylee Bug. When Amelia was three, she had a 'dress up' birthday party. I bought several 99 cent dresses from a local thrift store and my mother graciously altered them to fit her small stature... this was before I had embraced my inherited gift of the art of sewing! She wore those dresses for years, there may be some in the box yet.

Even the boys have a closet full of historical and imaginative costumes... colonial, western, Star Wars, Zorro, military, civil war, and now 1950's! For some reason the police man, fire man stuff never appealed to the boys.. though I tried to influence that with plenty of old vacuum cleaner hoses and badges and hats!

Now, Amelia is capable enough to make her own clothes... but she does more than 'dress up' in them... she is creating a 1950's wardrobe for herself for everyday wear. This dress is special as it is her very first whole dress she made all by herself with no help from me! And to top that off, it was a 'naked' pattern (unprinted!) I have a special post in mind to explain that further! We have purchased a vintage crochet pattern for a 'shrug' (there is nothing new under the sun in fashion ladies, what goes around comes around!) to go with her short sleeve vintage clothes to help them carry her through the fall weather.
It is harder than you imagine to make a 'circle' skirt twirl! The three 'players' of the day... 1950's, 1940's and a little Investigator... We helped Maggie find her outfit for the Veteran's day Parade when we are to dress in WWII or 1940's clothing... the outfit came together nicely and was approved heartily by our neighbor who was a teenager during the war with five of her brothers serving... I just love this photo of her that Amelia captured... freckles and all! Now what is he investigating here? Always busy with something on his mind! Here is Kaylee Bug in her very first 'dress up' dress, a gift from Hayden...

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Lynn said...

Great pictures Hilda, I love the dress! :) I tried to leave a comment over on your other blog, but I guess you removed that option.... so let me tell you 'here' that I love that sundress over 'there'. ;)